Passing Through

It had been nearly three years since I was in Europe, and the last time that I was, it coincided with heartbreak. At the time, even amid the grandeur of all that was around me, I felt incapacitated by the potency of my misery—and I did for a long time after that. Since then, I have worked as a photographer in Los Angeles, learning, in pursuit of something greater, following the arrow of my heart—now restored—wherever it points.

These photographs were inspired by that devotion to learn, and repair—and in turn—these photographs greatly inspired me.

“And I shall pass, incredible as it seems, into other lives;
this is only an escapade perhaps, a prelude only
...yet I think bound in my adventuring to conquer after huge suffering,
bound, surely, to discover my desire in the end"
—Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Each photograph in this series was taken in the Spring of 2018, abroad in central Europe on a Pentax 645N medium format single-lens reflex camera, using the following film: Kodak Portra, Fujifilm Pro, & expired Kodak T-Max.

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