New Section, Another Venture, & More to Look Forward to

I have a new section up on the site entitled Still Life, which features a series of photos my best friend Perrin Jones and I created while on a visit to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can find his work here or on Instagram at @perrinelijah. A special thanks to JD White for allowing us to create these images at his studio in the wonderful Central Eastside district of Portland, Oregon.

This was my fourth visit to this part of the country and one that has cemented my everlasting affection for it. Below are a few of my favorite snapshots from the trip. Travel has a funny way of coinciding with major shifts in my life, as this venture was simply one of many recent ones that have helped me move through and beyond a bit of heartbreak or emotional instability. Whether it be timely fatalism or just lucky coincidence, I am grateful for the people I have and places I've gone to in my life.

I have big things planned for me and photography this Autumn and cannot wait to share them with you all. 

Stay tuned, and thank you.