Year In Music | 2016

Welcome to my 4th Annual Year In Music review. 
This year I've attempted to provide more of the content you'd like to see,
with less of the stuff you don't, in a hopefully more accessible platform.
You may also notice I've cut out most of my personal commentary, not because I lack the words to give, but because finding them is always somewhat difficult for me. I'm no writer, but my eagerness to discuss anything on my list remains ardent.

I've come to learn a lot this year about where I belong within this musical landscape.
This year I came to terms with my disinterest for Hip-Hop, and discovered there's really nothing I dig more than a great guitar solo.
And what prevails to be true about every year in music, is that you never know what incredible piece of work you may come across.
That's the fuel behind my drive to do this, year after year after year.
If I put you onto something you may have missed,
the effort I've put in is already worth it.

And to me, there is nothing more truly incredible than the wonders of music.
Thank you for being here, and happy listening.
— j

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